About us

The company

We are a family-owned business specialising in the distribution of raw materials for the polymer industry. We boast a diversified product portfolio and are suppliers to customers in all industrial sectors.

In GUZMAN POLYMERS HAMMADDE TİCARET LS, we have a wide range of polymers and rubbers. We represent internationally renowned manufacturers and distribute their products to meet the needs of our customers, mainly concentrated in Turkey.

We aim to provide an excellent, innovative service and the necessary technical assistance to cover the entire processing of plastic products, from design to production.

Since mid-2020 and after more than 80 years active in the sector as Guzman Global, we became members of the Hromatka Group , a European leader in the distribution of technical plastics, present in 23 countries. The synergies between both companies, our shared vision of business and our passion for plastics have strengthened the relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Our sales network covers the main industrial points of southern Europe with presence also in Spain and Italy.