Guzman Global presents the new product Lusin® Protect G 31 F from the hand of our partner Chem Trend

Önde gelen ulusal ve uluslararasi fuarlara katilmak bize sektörümüzdeki son gelismeler, en yeni malzeme ve uygulamalar hakkinda bilgi saglamaktadir. Biz tedarik zincirinde is başarımızın temel bir unsuru olarak iş ortaklarimiz arasinda iliskiler kurmayı ve sinerji olusturmayi göz önünde bulunduruyoruz.

Chem Trend was founded in 1960 and is a global Company specializing in the development of high value solutions for molding and smelting processes, always focusing their attention on improving quality, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

What can Lusin® Protect G 31 F do for you?

Corrosion protector suitable for the manufacture of parts for food use.

With NSF homologation, in accordance with the H1 category code.

Easy application

Oil based anti-corrosion product                        Lusin® Protect G 31 F

Over the surfaces to be protected, Lusin® Protect G 31 F creates a uniform, white and visible film without dripping.

Well protected surface

Oil based anti-corrosion product           Lusin® Protect G 31 F

Lusin® Protect G 31 creates a protective film that covers the surface and remains unchanging even after passing a finger over it.

Easy to eliminate  

A cleaning process is not necessary afterwards as in the case of conventional oil based products, which favors a faster production process.Wax based anti-corrosion products such as Lusin® Protect G 31 F melt at normal processing temperatures and are removed automatically during demolding.

A protection that goes further

Even after 150 hours of testing for corrosion according to DIN EN ISO 9227 norm there are no signs of corrosion.

Oil based anti-corrosion product            Lusin® Protect G 31 F


It is possible to use it as a lubricant

It does not produce oil spots on transparent pieces with optical quality

It produces fewer emissions than conventional oil based products, which generates a cleaner working environment

Guzman Global, specializing in the distribution of thermoplastics with more than 75 years of history, markets Chem Trend products in Spain.

Thank you Chem Trend. “Together we go further”