Lusin® Clean 1060, new development of Chem Trend for color and material changes in the injection process for the manufacture of caps

Önde gelen ulusal ve uluslararasi fuarlara katilmak bize sektörümüzdeki son gelismeler, en yeni malzeme ve uygulamalar hakkinda bilgi saglamaktadir. Biz tedarik zincirinde is başarımızın temel bir unsuru olarak iş ortaklarimiz arasinda iliskiler kurmayı ve sinerji olusturmayi göz önünde bulunduruyoruz.

The new compound, with high purge efficiency, has been specifically developed for the cleaning of drain, nozzles and hot runner systems of injection molding machines. Lusin® Clean 1060 is suitable for use in applications in direct contact with food, in accordance with the European Regulation 10/2011 and FDA.

Lusin® Clean 1060 quickly and effectively eliminates the waste from the injection molding machines and, therefore, it is highly recommended for the frequent changes of color or materials. In addition, the new purging compound removes black stains, coal residues, and degraded materials. The purging compound is ready for use, it is composed of a mixture of plastic with highly efficient cleaning additives. Lusin® Clean 1060 can be used in the injection process at temperatures up to 290ºC.

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