PLAST 2018 – the perfect sitting for Guzmán Global

Önde gelen ulusal ve uluslararasi fuarlara katilmak bize sektörümüzdeki son gelismeler, en yeni malzeme ve uygulamalar hakkinda bilgi saglamaktadir. Biz tedarik zincirinde is başarımızın temel bir unsuru olarak iş ortaklarimiz arasinda iliskiler kurmayı ve sinerji olusturmayi göz önünde bulunduruyoruz.

Guzmán Global, through its Italian subsidiary, took advantage of the event to strengthen its image as the distributor of a wide range of polymers by well-known international manufacturers such as Sabic, Radici, LG Chem, UCC, Actega, Polyscope, Vesticolor, Tosoh and Mastercrom. Our association with firms of this calibre represents an excellent opportunity that helps to enrich and enhance the quality of our product portfolio.

This new edition of the event coincided with the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of our partnership with the Radici Group, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of polyamides and polyesters, with whom Guzmán Global enjoys a long-term relationship of mutual trust.

The show’s international scope was confirmed in the aftermath of the exhibition, having welcomed 63,000 visitors from 117 countries and 1,510 exhibitors from 55 different countries. In this international context, Guzmán Global found PLAST to be the ideal scenario as a meeting place for engendering new business contacts and cementing our relationships with clients and suppliers in the Italian market.

The expectations of companies in the sector in relation to this three-year event were fully realized over the following days. Visitors to the stand were able to appreciate the quality and high-tech features of the exhibits on show, the result of innovations applied to the products of Guzmán Global and its suppliers.