What is plastic injection molding?

Önde gelen ulusal ve uluslararasi fuarlara katilmak bize sektörümüzdeki son gelismeler, en yeni malzeme ve uygulamalar hakkinda bilgi saglamaktadir. Biz tedarik zincirinde is başarımızın temel bir unsuru olarak iş ortaklarimiz arasinda iliskiler kurmayı ve sinerji olusturmayi göz önünde bulunduruyoruz.

But, what is injection molding and what can it be used for? It is a process in which a thermoplastic material or thermoplastic elastomer in a molten state is injected into a closed mold under pressure. In it, the material solidifies and copies the form of the cavities of it. It is a technique widely used to manufacture different articles, including high technical performance applications such as components for the automotive industry. It is also a process which is very respectful to the environment. Polymers have become substitutes for other materials such as metal, wood or natural fibres.

Through injection molding we can obtain parts with a very small size up to objects of large dimensions. In addition, products manufactured by plastic injection molding can come to replace more expensive elements, achieving significant savings.

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