Quality Policy

GUZMAN POLYMERS is a family-owned business with international presence, distributing raw materials for the industry since 1939. Our vision is to supply globally the best solutions to each customer, growing sustainable by providing to the industry an excellent and innovative service. Our values strengthen our engagement with excellence and the Quality Management System is focused on contributing positively to this objective.

We boast a diversified raw material product portfolio, commercializing minerals, polymers, rubber, latex, coffee and nuts. We design, develop, mill, mix and commercialize minerals and chemical products derived from minerals and metal oxides.

The GUZMAN POLYMERS team is firmly committed to offer quality products and a value-added service, ready to meet the needs of our stakeholders by continuously improving our operations.

The proper operation of the Quality Management System by every GUZMAN POLYMERS employee and collaborator must contribute to achieve our quality policy objectives:

  • Satisfied customers, fulfilling their expectations and needs.
  • Focus on opportunities, driving innovation, new products and technical support.
  • Generate trust among our stakeholders.
  • Excellence in operations, continuously assessing the Quality Management
    System’s effectiveness and improvements.
  • Control risks and incidences, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Commitment to society, sustainability and long-term value.

Our companies and collaborators are adhered to this policy, providing the required support to guarantee its correct implementation, foreseeing activities and resources to achieve the quality objectives. Ensuring compliance with this policy and promoting the quality objectives achievement will positively contribute to GUZMAN POLYMERS’s general objectives, strategy and mission.

Alberto Artigas Verde
Global General Manager
Valencia, March 2020